Gold leaf frame restoration

Strategic appraisals

Our artisans can restore an antique piece of furniture or an 18th century guilt frame. Using old world restoration techniques, often, our craftsmen hand carve each frame, or piece of furniture, and this process takes some time.

Fast forward to the 21st Century and the Landsman's can restore that photograph of your Great Grandmother. Old photographs can be digitally re-mastered. Our photo restoration artists will remove tears, water stains or spots in the digital version of the photo, with the original remaining preserved. Faded color can be enhanced and the final product will look like the photograph was taken yesterday.

Perhaps Uncle Dan sneezed and went over topsy-turvy, breaking your dining room chair. Call the Landsman's and their furniture restoration team will re-glue the broken chair parts, fill the damaged areas and paint the chair to match the others in the set. The team will return the chair to you for the next time Uncle Dan may come for holiday dinner.